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Digital Construction Week 2016

Process Innovation Forum is holding the Co-Creation Programme and invites you to get involved.

- What is Co-Creation?
Economists know Co-Creation as a management initiative, or formation of economic strategy, that brings different parties together, to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

- What is the Programme?
The Programme consists of a number of events including workshops, roundtables, talks and webinars with an aim to devising an “Open-Innovation Framework”

The Programme is organised in partnership with the Digital Construction Week.

1st Round of the Co-Creation Programme will be held across the UK, Spain and Singapore. It will explore the most relevant opportunities and the blockers for the digital transformation of the AECO industry groups.

PIF is inviting the brightest minds to this unique co-creation experience in the history of the built environment. Their aim is to identify the new ways to build a framework that will allow our industry to collaboratively embrace Open-Innovation and its value.

The Open-Innovation Workshops will explore the themes such as Project Controls, Legal and Contractual, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Wearables, Lead and Preconstruction, Education and Skills Management.

During the Digital Construction Week PIF will be holding two workshops (Blockchains and Innovation Management), a Roundtable and a Talk.

For more details and to get engaged visit www.thepif.org/co-creation.


  • 12.30Innovation Framework for the Built Environment (Digital Built Environment Stage)

    This talk will take place on the Digital Built Environment Theatre

    We have created the Process Innovation Forum (PIF), a non-profit organisation providing a commercially agnostic environment in which to seed, incubate, develop and promote innovation. PIF’s framework allows industry and academic peers to work together to devise newer and better ways of working, to ultimately benefit the whole industry. If you're passionate about accelerating innovation in the built-environment, we'd like you to join the revolution!

    - Jakub Wachocki - Process Innovation Forum (PIF) / Bentley
    - Alain Waha – Buro Happold / PIF
    - Raj Chawla - Nunelah / UK BIM Alliance / PIF

  • 17.00CHALLENGE. ENGAGE. CO-CREATE. TRANSFORM (Industry 4.0 Stage)

    This talk will take place on the Industry 4.0 Theatre

    The Process Innovation Forum (PIF) is a not for profit initiative that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the Built Environment. Our aim is to identify new ways of working and a “framework” for our Industry to collaboratively embrace Open-Innovation and its values.

    Through a series of workshops and round tables PIF have been exploring some of the biggest challenges in the built environment. By democratising innovation and building on collective intelligence they have been identifying and creating the building blocks for the smarter built environment.

    This session will explore some of those building blocks and showcase how PIF are building a scalable framework where open innovation can take place.

    - Jakub Wachocki - Process Innovation Forum (PIF) / Bentley
    - Rob Driscoll – BESA/PIF
    - Stuart Young – Fiatech/COMIT
    - Tony Shooter – COMIT
    - James Bowles – Freeform
    - Raj Chawla – Nunelah / UK BIM Alliance / PIF
    - Ahmed Zghari – AC BIM