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Digital Construction Week 2016

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procurement partner

myConsole are proud to support Digital Construction Week in October, and being part of an innovative movement bringing about change in the built environment. As Procurement Partner, we look forward to discussion on using digitalisation to improve procurement procedure, leadership insights and reducing inefficiency prior to project inception. 

myConsole is a digital collaboration platform that has been developed with 20 years’ experience advising top firms in the Construction industry on how to align their work winning processes, behaviours and culture. With the recent technological advancements cloud based resources and data analytics, myConsole offers an intelligent procurement insights tool specifically for Pre-Construction teams, to enable high performance knowledge share, leadership insights, and ultimately significantly increase win rates. 

• Reveals intelligent procurement insights for leadership teams on resource allocation 

• Drives bid selectivity with a unique Win Score algorithm 

• Offers instantaneous analytics of bid performance, enabling continuous improvement 

Bespoke to client needs, but built on best practice experience of how to successful manage and deliver successful tender submissions, myConsole has dashboard analytics and process flow to engage all members of the bid process, and guide them through their specific roles and responsibilities. With prompts and checklists, the technology is designed to offer insights at each critical stage, and ensure that each member has the tools, skillsets and resources to deliver exceptional and winning bids every time. 

myConsole is supported by an expert team of onshore and offshore developers, who offer a first-class service to customers and ongoing technological assistance.

We aim to work with our customers to align their bid process, improve procedure and revitalise work winning individuals in their role. By implementing myConsole as part of your wider business development and digital strategy, you will gain competitive advantage, adopting the latest innovative digital mobility technology, and an experienced Business Development consultant, providing mentoring and support to teams on must win bids. 

We are proud to support Digital Construction Week as Procurement Partner. With Industry 4.0 driving exponential change all around us, there is a real need to support a collaborative and forward thinking approach to encouraging innovation, research and development spend in the UK built environment. 

 For us, this innovation is paramount to tackling exhaustive waste and efficiencies that exist in the industry, for which our research suggests is rife in Procurement procedure. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event, please stop by our myConsole stand and talks to learn more on how to use digital tools to improve leadership insights, win rates, and reduce wasted resources in procurement procedure.